3 Ways Cinnamon Helps Lower Blood Sugar

Cinnamon For Blood Sugars

Struggling with sugar cravings and mood swings? Your blood sugar levels may be off. Adding a humble spice to your diet can help you rebalance. That spice is cinnamon!

Cinnamon is a delicious, aromatic spice well known for its ability to lower blood sugars. But do you know how? Keep reading!

Two Types of Cinnamon

Cool fact: There are two types of cinnamon. There's Cassia, the "common" cinnamon; and Ceylon, the "true" cinnamon. Are they both good for you?

Ceylon Cinnamon

Yes, they're both great! But Ceylon cinnamon has a little more antioxidants, and it's safer when consumed in greater quantities. So, if in doubt, go for Ceylon.

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How Much Cinnamon a Day?

Wondering how much cinnamon is safe to eat? Up to half a teaspoon for Cassia cinnamon, and as high as one teaspoon a day for Ceylon.

Cinnamon Benefit #1

Ok now, here 3 ways this spice will help rebalance your blood sugars. First, cinnamon gives you an antioxidant boost — more antioxidants than most other common spices and herbs!

And it's these antioxidants that help lower blood sugars. They also protect your cells from damaging free radicals produced when blood sugars are out of balance. Wow!

Cinnamon Benefit #2

Second, cinnamon boosts insulin levels. Insulin can clear sugars from the bloodstream much faster after a meal. These cleared-out sugars can then be used to make energy — Much Wow!

Cinnamon Benefit #3

And finally, cinnamon slows down carbs digestion. This means carbs are converted into sugar more slowly. So, no nasty sugar spikes, no energy crashes, or mood swings. Wonderful!

3 Recipes With Cinnamon

We bet you're looking forward put this spice into action. So, head to your spice rack, grab that pot of cinnamon, and give the next 3 recipes a go!


Cinnamon Date Flapjacks

Fibres from oats and dates work in synergy with cinnamon to keep blood sugars in check. These power bars will fire you up without energy crashes!


Cinnamon Apple Bircher Muesli

These overnight oats are a brilliant idea for meal prepping — and the best breakfast for healthy blood sugars too. Find the recipe below and try it today!


Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolate

Good news chocolate lovers! It's not just cinnamon that has sugar-regulating antioxidants, cacao has got them too. So, go ahead and sip this hot chocolate with joy!

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