5 Ways To Eat Beans at Breakfast for Weight Loss

Breakfast and Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Then, start with a healthy breakfast. It will help you stay full and energised for long, curb cravings, and avoid unhealthy snacking.

Best Breakfast Foods

Along with whole grains, yogurt, and fruit, legumes are some of the best breakfast foods. Why? They're high in proteins and high in fibres.

The Benefits of Beans

Proteins are very satiating and help build muscle, while fibres prevent blood sugar spikes and fill you up without adding calories. The best combo for weight loss!

Breakfast Ideas with Beans

So, how do you eat beans for breakfast? No worries, no need to gulp down a bean stew first thing in the morning. Here are 5 easy and delicious ways to do it! Ready?

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Red Lentil Pancakes

Thick and fluffy pancakes made with a batter of soaked split lentils. The tastiest way to have beans in the morning. Super easy to make and incredibly healthy!


Black Bean Brownies

Black beans, dates, and hemp seeds come together into a gooey brownie that's as healthy as satisfying. And diet-friendly too. Swipe up and give the recipe a go!


Chickpea Blondies

If you can make brownies with black beans, why not blondies with chickpeas? Oh, and no need for sugar or butter, just healthy ingredients that won't derail your diet.


Maple-Baked Beans Toast

These saucy beans are divine on sourdough toast. It's a twist on the classic British baked beans made with maple syrup and soy sauce. Sweet and savoury. So good!


Curry Daal Oatmeal

Love oatmeal in the morning? Then, try this savoury Indian spin with yellow daal, curry, and mango chunks. A blast of proteins and fibres — the perfect weight-loss breakfast!

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