5 Steps To Build Your Healthy Buddha Bowl

Be it a power bowl, macro bowl, or buddha bowl, all these gorgeous one-bowl meals are brilliant for lunch. But how do you make one exactly?

Build-Your-Own in 5 Steps

Here's a quick guide to building the perfect buddha bowl. Experiment with different ingredients or get inspired by our recipes!


Start with Whole Grains

Fill your bowl with a cup of cooked grains for slow-release carbs. Start with classic brown rice or quinoa, or try nutty buckwheat groats!

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Pile Up The Veggies

Next, in go the veggies — steamed, roasted, or raw. Pick your favourites or try this low-carb combo of red peppers, cucumber, and lettuce!


Add Lean Proteins

Now, boost your bowl with proteins. We love the variety of plant-based sources like beans, and this black bean power bowl is our favourite!


Top with Healthy Fats

Ok, you're almost done. Your buddha bowl just needs a healthy dose of good fats. Here, we used avocados and chilli oil!


Finish with Flavour Boosters

And finally, season it all with fragrant herbs, spices, and sauces, like this paprika cinnamon Moroccan dressing!

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