How to Cook Mung Beans + 5 Easy Recipes to Try

What are Mung Beans?

Also known as green gram or monggo, mung beans are tiny green legumes native to India and used across Southeast Asia. They're tender, slightly sweet and nutty!

How to Cook Mung Beans

Cooking mung beans is super easy and actually faster than other beans. Let's go through the steps together, and then don't miss our 5 tasty recipe ideas!

Step #1 - Soak

Small and thin-skinned, mung beans need to soak for just 2-3 hours before cooking. Soaking the beans makes them easier to digest and helps you absorb more nutrients.

Step #2 - Simmer

Add the soaked mung beans to a pot of water. Bring to a boil, and simmer them for 15 minutes until plump and tender. Tip: the cooking water makes a great broth base!

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Step #3 - Drain & Use

Once cooked, drain the mung beans, and they're ready to be used in soups, salads, and other wonderful dishes. Check out the next 5 recipes and get inspired!


Masala Mung Bean Burger

Bean burgers are super trendy in plant-based diets. They're fun to prepare and so nutritious. And this Indian-spiced mung bean burger is an absolute must-try!


Sesame Mung Bean Falafels

Love falafels? Then, why not make them with mung beans instead of chickpeas? They're so tasty and colourful — baked, not fried!


Mung Bean Coconut Curry

Mung beans are a wonder in homemade curries. Simmer them in a rich coconut broth with Thai basil and red chillies for the perfect mid-week dinner.


Thai Green Curry Puffs

These flaky pastry pockets are a mouthwatering Thai nibble. Stuff them with tender mung beans and aromatic green curry paste. So good!


Chinese Sweet Mung Bean Soup

Mung beans are amazing in sweets and desserts too! Give them a go in this Chinese dessert soup with tangerine peels. It's sweet, citrusy, and savoury!

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