How To Cook Perfect Sushi Rice

Homemade Sushi

Want to master the art of making delicious sushi at home? It's easier than you'd think! It all starts by cooking the Japanese sticky rice like a pro.

How To Cook Sushi Rice

So, follow along and we'll show you how to make sushi rice from scratch in 5 easy steps. And after that, see how we've used it in tasty Japanese recipes!

Get the Right Rice

But first, have you got the right rice? It's called Japanese short-grain rice. Not basmati, not jasmine rice. It has a higher starch content so the grains sticks together when cooked!


Wash the Rice 5 Times

Ok now, rub the rice grains in water to wash away excess starch. This is the secret to sticky yet well-defined rice grains — exactly what you need for the perfect sushi.

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Soak in Water for 30 Min

Tempted to skip this step? Don't! You won't be able to stir the rice while it simmers, and yet you want it evenly cooked. This is how you get it done: rehydrate the grains first!


Simmer & Steam

Next, simmer the rice on low until all the water is absorbed. Then, let the rice finish cooking in its steam for 10 more minutes. Strictly no peeking and no stirring!


Season It Up

Once ready, tip in the traditional sushi seasoning mix: sugar, salt, and rice vinegar. And why not sprinkle in some toasted sesame seeds for a nice crunch? Optional yet ultra yummy!


Fluff & Cool

But wait! Use a proper rice spatula to gently "slice" the rice or you'll have a mushy mess! Want to be even more pro? Fan the rice to cool it fast and get a glossy finish!

Ready for Recipes

Your perfectly cooked sushi rice is ready. High five! Time to dust off your trusty bamboo mat and get rolling. Need tips on how to make maki rolls? You'll find them below!

Maki Rolls

And if want to try something new and utterly delicious, coat your rolls with crunchy panko breadcrumbs? So good! See how we've done it in the recipe below!


In case you've run out of sushi fillings, you can simply pack that delicious sticky rice into rice balls. Or rice triangles — aka Japanese onigiri. Tap below and give them a try!

Yaki Onigiri

Got too much sushi rice to finish? No problem! Day-old sticky rice is perfect for yaki onigiri. What's that? Japanese fried rice balls with a caramelised crust. Divine!

Fried Sticky Rice

Oh and don't forget you can use leftover rice for a stir-fry! Try it in this Japanese garlic fried rice recipe. Rich, savoury, and deliciously garlicky. Don't miss it!


One last sushi rice recipe idea for you: omurice. It's a Japanese omelette stuffed with fried rice and topped with ketchup sauce. Incredibly satisfying and so fun to make!

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