How to Get Your Daily Omega-3 on a Vegan Diet

Getting Your Omega-3

Omega-3 is an essential fat you need every day for good health. Its main source is fatty fish, but what if you're on a vegan diet?

4 Plant Foods to Eat

Luckily, plants do have omega-3 too! And here are the best omega-3-rich foods to add to your diet — plus healthy recipe ideas to try.



Great as a healthy snack or crunchy topping, walnuts can cover your daily omega-3 needs: all you need are 5 nuts!


Chia Seeds

These mighty seeds are packed with proteins, fibres, and yes, omega-3. Just one tablespoon will sort your omega-3 for the day!

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Recipe Idea #1

So, put walnuts and chia seeds together in this healthy pudding for a blast of precious omega-3. Swipe up and try it for breakfast!


Hemp Hearts

Hulled, milled hemp seeds provide all the omega-3 you need in two tablespoons. And they come with complete proteins too!

Recipe Idea #2

You can use hemp hearts in salads, smoothie bowls, and even bakes. We love them in our waffles batter with almond flour and tofu!



Weight by weight, they have the most plant-based omega-3. So, use them to boost any meal you like, from cereals to veggie burgers!

Recipe Idea #3

And speaking of burgers, here's how to make a glorious patty with flaxseeds — nutritionally balanced and packed with flavour!

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