How to Give Your Breakfast a Healthy Upgrade

Many common breakfast foods are not as nourishing and good for you as they should be. But, worry not! Here are 9 healthy upgrades you can try to start the day right.


Cashew Banana Granola

Breakfast cereals are convenient but so processed. Swap them with a better alternative: homemade granola. We've got the perfect recipe for you!


Maple Beans Toast

If you have your toast with butter and jam, try this healthier topping: maple-sweetened beans with saucy tomatoes and spinach. Tasty and nutritious!


Green Goodness Smoothie

Fruit juices cut out precious fibres, leaving you with concentrated sugars. But a smoothie packs the whole fruit! Try this one with apples, spinach, and nut butter.

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Quinoa Protein Muffin

Do you get mid-morning energy crashes? That takeaway muffin may be the culprit. Instead, treat yourself to this super nourishing muffin!


Plant-Power Pancakes

If pancakes are your Sunday favourite, make them healthier with our wholesome recipe — no refined ingredients and fully vegan!


Oat Banana Flapjacks

Some energy bars can be as unhealthy as candy bars. But not these: they have all you need to refuel for good. Make a big batch for the whole week!


Overnight Oat Lassi Jar

Overnight oats are as practical as instant oat sachets but have no hidden sugars. And these Indian-inspired oat pots are a breeze to make!


Low-Carb Mushroom Burrito

Bacon and sausages may give you proteins for breakfast but they're so fatty. Swap them with this healthy burrito — and pack any leftovers for lunch!


3-Seed Power Cookies

Those addictive bakery pastries are just empty calories. Instead, these seeded oat cookies are seriously nourishing. Give them a go!

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