How To Lose Weight By Eating More

A Smarter Way to Diet

Is it possible to feel fuller while cutting down on calories? Yes, if you eat foods that have a low density of calories. What's that?

Think Bulk

Low-calorie-density foods are bulky and filling yet don't have many calories compared to their volume. And that's up to two factors.

#1 Water

Foods like grapefruit, zucchini, and yoghurt are watery, and water fills you up. So, you can eat more of them while keeping calories low.

#2 Fibres

Fibres don't add calories but are so satiating and take longer to digest. Think of bulky, high-fibre foods like popcorn and cauliflowers.

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Why It Works

Low-calorie-density foods make your belly physically full, so you won't feel hungry for some hours. All with minimal calories!

3 Weight-Loss Recipe Ideas

And that's how you end up losing weight. Cool! So, why don't you give it a go? Here are three easy meal ideas to get you started!


Fill-Me-Up Smoothie

This brilliant smoothie comes with the best low-calorie-density foods. Plus chia seeds for a nice protein boost. Find it below and whizz it up!


Fresh Rainbow Salad

How about getting nearly all your daily fibres in just 300 calories? This colourful salad does just that. Pack it into your next lunch box!


Veggie Power Soup

High-fibre beans team up with bulky veggies to give you the diet-perfect meal. Blend all with a few cashews for extra creaminess!

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