Healthy Vegan Fritters 5 Ways

How To "Vegify" Your Fritters

Discover 5 clever ingredient combos to make healthy yet delicious fritters with only plant-based ingredients. No eggs, milk, or flour!


Gram Flour Zucchini Fritters

Replace the classic egg and flour batter with a mix of high-protein chickpea flour and omega-3-rich flaxseeds. Try it in these zucchini fritters!


Chia Red Cabbage Fritters

And if you can't get flaxseeds, chia seeds work too. Mix them with gram flour, grated apples, and red cabbage in these super-fritters!

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Black Beans Oat Fritters

You can make a healthy vegan fritter dough with mashed beans and ground oats. Just like we did in these yummy patties with a Mexican twist!


Needle Mushrooms Chilli Fritters

Enoki mushrooms have long stems that tangle into a lattice perfect for fritters. Add a little starch and pan-fry with spicy chillies!


Grated Potato Fritters

And if you use starch-rich potatoes you won't need anything else to hold your fritters together. Give them a go with our healthy air-fried recipe!

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