How to Make Quinoa Milk in 5 Minutes

Healthy Quinoa Milk in 5 Min

Low in calories and higher in proteins than almond or oat milk, quinoa milk is a nutty-tasting plant milk ready in 5 minutes. Here's how to make it!


Cooked Quinoa

Use cooked and cooled quinoa. It yields creamier, tastier milk that's more easily digested!


Add in Blender

Add quinoa to a blender with filtered water, a pinch of salt, and a sweetener of choice — we like honey here, but dates are great too!

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Time to blitz all the ingredients into milk. Keep at it for a minute or so for a smoother result!



To get rid of the grainy bits, strain the quinoa milk through a (very) fine-mesh sieve.

Or pass it through a milk bag (aka cheesecloth). Squeeze hard to collect as much milk as possible!



Your healthy quinoa milk is ready for sipping! Keep it well sealed in the fridge so it'll last up to 5 days.

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