4 Ways to make Sugar-Free Jams without Pectin

Make jams with no sugar or artificial pectin with one of these 4 natural ingredients.



Some apples a rich source of natural pectin, and using them to make thick jams is super easy and effective.


Mango Jam (with Apples)

Here's a gorgeous sugar-free mango jam made with apples. We also used another secret ingredient with extra natural pectin.



If you don't want to use apples to thicken jams, then give flaxseeds a go!

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Cherry Jam (with Flaxseeds)

Flaxseeds are so easy to use in jams. See how with our delicious Sugar-Free Cherry Jam recipe!


Chia seeds

You can use chia seeds instead of flaxseeds to make your jams even thicker.


Blackberry Jam (with Chia Seeds)

Want to see chia seeds in action? Check out our sugar-free blackberry jam. So yummy!


Starch (Potato or Corn)

Flaxseeds or chia work great and are very nutritious. But they will give your jams a bit of texture. For jams as smooth as silk, use starch instead.


Orange Marmalade (with Starch)

Making classic orange marmalade can be tricky. But we used starch to make our recipe ridiculously simple. Try it and you'll never go back!

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