How To Make Ube Hopia

A traditional dessert from the Philippines, ube hopias are small pastry cakes with a flaky crust and a creamy ube filling. Learn how to make these sweet treats from scratch!


Ube FIlling

For the filling, use ube halaya, a sweet creamy "jam" of Filipino purple yams. You can get it online or make it yourserlf following our recipe below!


Water Dough

Mix the dough ingredients in the recipe below to make the "water dough".


Oil Dough

Then, mix flour with oil to make the "oil dough", which replaces butter in the classic hopia puff pastry dough.

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Spread & Fold

Spread the oil dough over the water dough and fold, sealing the edges.



Fold and roll the dough to laminate the oil and water dough layers. Repeat 3 times, chilling the dough in the fridge between rounds.


Cut Out Squares

Roll out the dough one more time, cut it into squares, and flatten them into thin dough wrappers.


Fill The Hopias

Fill each wrapper with ube halaya, fold the dough over, and shape the hopia cake with the help of a small cup.



Bake the ube hopias seam side up, then flip them, and keep baking until golden and crusty.


And Enjoy!

Savour these delicious pastry cakes warm or cold with an iced tea or a tropical smoothie!

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