How to Prepare the Perfect Vegan Christmas Dinner


Croquettes with Cream of Potatoes

Give your guests something delicious to nibble on with these savoury mushroom croquettes. Fill them with a heart of our vegan cream of potatoes for a lovely surprise!


Stuffed Zucchini Cups

Start your Christmas dinner with these pretty zucchini cups stuffed with aromatic basil and crunchy walnuts. They are so fun to make and sure to impress!


Pumpkin Ravioli

These homemade ravioli with roasted pumpkin, mushrooms, and hazelnuts celebrate the season's harvest and make a wonderful main dish for your Christmas menu.

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This French favourite with layered veggies and herby tomato sauce makes a fancy side dish that's actually a breeze to make. Find the recipe below!


Coffee Flan

Serve this dessert flan with a drizzle of our roasted coffee caramel sauce, sure to keep everyone awake for playing games and unwrapping gifts.


Cinnamon Cookie Truffles

Prepare a big batch of these chocolate cookie truffles and pack them in small boxes as gifts for your guests. They're a breeze to make!

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