How to Use Butterfly Pea Flowers in the Kitchen

Wonderful flowers

Also known as blue pea, butterfly pea flowers are deep blue-purple flowers native to Southeast Asia and praised for their health benefits in Ayurvedic medicine.

How do they taste?

Widely used in Thai and Malay cuisines, butterfly pea flowers are edible and they have a unique grassy and earthy taste similar to matcha but not as bitter.

Fresh or Dried Flowers

You can use the flowers, fresh or dried, to prepare a traditional blue tea. But, you can also steep them in milk for drinks and rice dishes.

Powdered Flowers

If you can't get the whole flower, it's easy to find butterfly pea powder online. It's super concentrated, so just a few pinches are enough to give a pop of colour.

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Exciting Recipes to Try

If you're new to cooking with butterfly pea flowers or you'd like to discover new ways of using them, the following 5 recipes are a must-try!


Blue Sticky Rice with Mango

You'll love this colourful spin on the classic Thai mango sticky rice. Great for breakfast or as dessert, it's packed with exotic flavours!


Magic Lemonade

What happens if you mix butterfly pea tea with lemonade? You'll get a magic, colour-changing drink — wow!


Butterfly Pea Cake

This super spongy cake has the most wonderful blue colour. All thanks to natural butterfly pea powder — no nasty food colourants needed!


Blue Pea Latte

Say hello to this pretty blue latte and start the day with a smile. All you need is butterfly pea and plant-based coconut milk — plus frothy foam for topping!


Blue Chia Pudding

You can add a pop of colour to your chia pudding with a just little butterfly pea powder. It's a quick and healthy breakfast you can try today!

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