8 Ideas for Super-Healthy Oat Cookies


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Tahini Pistachio Cookies

Crunchy pistachios, sweet cinnamon, and tahini paste come together into a delicious cookie with a Middle Eastern twist. Perfect with a hot cup of mint tea!


Zucchini Blueberry Cookies

Made with just blueberries, zucchini, cashews, and chia seeds, these are the healthiest cookies you'll ever bake. A zero-guilt treat that bursts with plant-based goodness!

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Super Seeds Cookies

These wholesome cookies are prepared with hemp, flax, and pumpkin seeds for a blast of proteins, omega-3, and iron. Tap below and make them now!


Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

These bite-sized biscuits are as cute as healthy. And they're a breeze to make — no butter, no egg, no sugar needed. Want to know how? Tap below and find out!

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Avocado Goji Berries Cookies

Make your cookies super healthy using mashed avocados instead of butter. Then, add some Goji berries for a pop of colour and extra antioxidants. Super!


Matcha Choc Chip Cookies

Superfood matcha powder takes these healthy oat cookies to the next level. Add in extra dark chocolate chips and get ready for a truly energising treat.

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Sweet Potato Apricot Cookies

If you like pumpkin in bakes, give sweet potatoes a go. They're great to replace fats and sugars in healthy cookies. And those chewy apricots go so well with them!


Mango Coconut Cookies

Dried mango, coconut flour, and brazil nuts give these oat cookies a delicious tropical spin that's too good to resist. So make a big batch for the whole week!

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