Immunity-Boosting Soups for Winter

Want to avoid the flu this winter? Cosy up to these 5 healthy and hearty soups prepared with special immunity-boosting ingredients!


Red Pepper Soup

This colourful soup brings together 3 amazing ingredients for your immune system: mighty Goji berries, zingy ginger, and peppers!


Yellow Peas Scotch Broth

This wintery soup draws its power from prebiotic ingredients: they boost gut health and support immunity. And it's a breeze to make!

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Turmeric Lentil Soup

Every single ingredient in this golden soup is a mighty immunity booster. Make a big batch and freeze it for the week ahead!


Spinach Barley Soup

Greens like spinach burst with vitamin C, essential to strengthen your immunity. So, blend them into a glorious green soup!


Kale & Orange Bean Stew

You won't find a better winter soup than this one: it has all you need to support the immune system, and it's so comforting!

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