5 Iron-Rich Foods Every Vegan Should Eat

5 High-Iron Vegan Foods

Discover the 5 best vegan sources of iron, an essential mineral for energy, focus, and immunity — plus tasty iron-rich recipes to try!


Leafy Greens

Spinach and kale are the vegetables with the most iron. Imagine that a cup of cooked spinach delivers half of your daily iron!

Crunchy Spinach Nuggets

So, tap below for a fun recipe idea: crusty baked nuggets filled with high-iron spinach, lentils, and tofu!



Another way to ramp up your iron intake is with a few spoonfuls of seeds: choose from sesame, pumpkin, flax, or hemp seeds.

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Pumpkin Seed Bircher Muesli

And seeds make the perfect crunchy topping to this breakfast muesli made with Goji berries, apples, and pistachios for extra goodness!



Need a bigger iron boost? Pulses like lentils, black beans, edamame, and chickpeas are the number one plant-based source of iron.

Spicy Lentil Burger

And the cool thing is you can mash up legumes into an iron-rich veggie burger. Healthy and delicious — try it below!


Whole Grains

You may be surprised to know that whole grains like wheat pasta, quinoa, and oats are amazing sources of vegan iron.

Creamy Hummus Pasta

And if you put whole wheat pasta together with hummus and kale, you get the perfect iron-rich vegan meal!


Dark chocolate

Finally, the good news y'all been waiting for: two squares of dark chocolate pack between 20-45% of your iron RDI. Amen to that!

Chocolate Bean Brownies

Let's round up these tips with our secret high-iron chocolate brownies recipe. Tap below and follow along!

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