Is Banana Bread Healthy?

A Beloved Sweet Loaf

Banana bread is probably everyone's favourite sweet bread. And because it's made with fruit, many believe it to be healthy. But is it?

It's Still a Cake

Sadly, bananas alone aren't enough to make this treat truly healthy. The classic recipe is still high in carbs, fats, and sugars. But wait, don't despair!

Healthify The Recipe

If you use the right ingredients, you can make your next banana bread nutritious, balanced, and yes, healthy too. Here's how!


Go Wholesome

First, level up the fibres and proteins. You can do so by using a wholesome flour: think whole wheat, oat, almond, or buckwheat flour!

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Healthy Recipe Idea #1

Not sure which flour to start with? Try our easy mix of wholemeal flour and oats with this easy banana bread recipe. So healthy!


Out With Sugar

Next, cut out the added sugar. Ripe bananas are already sweet! You can pair them with pureed dates or a no-calorie sweetener.

Healthy Recipe Idea #2

Here's a no-sugar banana bread recipe that'll blow your mind. Zero added sugar. Just wholesome dates and the sweetest bananas!


Clever Add-Ons

And finally, boost your banana bread with healthy add-ons like yogurt, nuts, seeds, and berries for extra nutrients!

Healthy Recipe Idea #3

For example, you can try this healthful combo of walnuts and raisins. Stir it into the cake batter and bake: healthy banana bread is served!

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