3 Reasons Chai Tea is Good for Weight Loss

An Amazing Brew

Masala chai is not just a deliciously fragrant cup of tea, but also an amazing drink for weight loss. Here are 3 reasons why!

What Is Masala Chai?

This famous Indian tea owes its intense aroma to a blend of fragrant spices, including cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and cloves.

How Do You Make It?

Take all those spices and brew them in a blend of black tea and milk. Et voila!


Balance Blood Sugars

So, what makes chai tea so special? To start, it packs many blood sugar-regulating spices, great to fight cravings and stop unhealthy snacking!

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Boost Fat Burning

In addition, ingredients like black tea and ginger are well-known for curbing hunger and boosting fat breakdown to get rid of belly fat!

Green Tea Chai Latte

And you can get an extra metabolism boost by adding mighty green tea powder (AKA matcha) to your chai latte. See how we did it below!


Filling & Satisfying

Chai tea's fullness makes for a very satisfying and healthy drink. A great fit for any weight loss plan!

Chai-Spiced Dark Chocolate

And why stop at tea? You can use chai spices to make delicious hot chocolate as well! Get our low-sugar recipe below.

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