Is Quinoa Healthier Than Rice?

A Trendy Grain

There's a lot of buzz around quinoa, a trendy superfood that has replaced rice in everyone's buddha bowl. But is quinoa really healthier than rice?

Quinoa Versus Rice

Let's put quinoa and brown rice head to head — same raw weight. We'll compare their nutrition and health benefits in 6 fun challenges. Discover the winner!

What's Quinoa?

But first, did you know quinoa is not a true cereal like rice? It's a seed! But such a nutritious seed it's considered a whole grain and consumed like one. Cool!


Carbs & Fibres

Quinoa opens our first challenge with a bang: compared to brown rice, it has fewer carbs and twice the fibres. Fibres are insanely good for your health — we'll see why later!

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When it comes to proteins, brown rice doesn't stand a chance. Quinoa has twice the proteins and its proteins are complete, meaning they contain all essential amino acids!

Quinoa Buddha Bowl

That's why quinoa makes the perfect base for a high-protein buddha bowl! Swipe up and try our recipe with black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, and tahini pesto. Yum!



Back to our challenge: fats. Brown rice is less fat, but quinoa has 9 times more omega-3, a type of fat that works as an all-around health booster. For us, quinoa wins!


Vitamins & Minerals

This one is tricky. Quinoa has more calcium, iron, and folate, while brown rice is rich in B vitamins, magnesium, and selenium. They're all good for you, so it's a tie!

Quinoa Power Porridge

Before our next two challenges, here's another recipe idea for you! This time, it's a fruity breakfast porridge. And it's got all you need to start the day right. Give it a go!


Energy & Blood Sugars

Quinoa and rice give the same calories but the energy release is different. With quinoa, it's slower and steadier thanks to its high fibres. So? Your blood sugars are more balanced!


Health Benefits

Fibres also lower bad cholesterol for a healthy heart. And paired with lots of proteins like in quinoa, they make you feel full, curb hunger, and help you lose weight!

And the Winner Is...

Snatching these last two challenges, quinoa gets the podium! This amazing grain is truly a healthy addition to your diet. So, why not discover more recipe ideas? Find them below!

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