8 Delicious Low-Calorie Desserts

Diet-Friendly Desserts

Looking for a dessert that won't derail your diet? We got you! Here are 8 healthy, low-fat dessert recipes that have less than 150 calories!


Coffee Flan

This healthy makeover of creme caramel features silken tofu for a low-calorie custard. Drizzle it with date coffee syrup for a mouthwatering dessert!


Beany Coconut Ice Cream

This Asian-inspired recipe uses pureed sweet yellow mung beans as a brilliant base for healthy, diet-friendly ice cream.


Almond Jaffa Cakes

Top these spongy almond flour mini-cakes with orange jam and melted dark chocolate for a sweet morsel perfect for dieters.

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Rose Water Puddings

Inspired by the classic Middle Eastern recipe, these delicate, floral puddings are a glamorous dessert yet incredibly healthy. Only 135 calories per glass!


Biscoff Truffles

Dark chocolate truffles with a heart of caramelised biscoff cookies: an indulgent treat that comes with only 139 calories!



Feel adventurous? Try this Mexican-style dessert made with no-added sugar mango sorbet and layers of spicy chamoy sauce. All in 140 calories!


Mango Jam Mochi

Mochi balls are soft, gooey Japanese cakes made with sweet rice flour. Try our low-calorie, fruity twist with homemade mango jam filling!


Chocolate Mousse

You won't believe this creamy mousse is made with just dates, cocoa, and silken tofu. It's a low-fat and low-sugar dessert to enjoy guilt-free!

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