Low-GI Diet: 7 Tips to Get Started

Why Go Low-GI?

With low-glycemic index (GI) foods in your diet, your blood sugar levels rise and fall more slowly, helping you feel full and energised for longer.

Low-GI Swaps

So, here are 7 easy tips to help you switch to low-GI foods — plus healthy recipe ideas to try!


Go Whole-Grain

For bread, pasta, and rice, whole-grain options have a lower GI. So, you can enjoy a nice stir-fried rice like this one and feel good about it!


Grain Bowls Bonanza

And don't stop at rice and wheat: there are lots of healthy low-GI grains to try, like quinoa and buckwheat. Perfect for Buddha bowls!

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In with Beans

Chickpeas, lentils, and red beans are other low-GI foods you can add to your diet. Great in stews, burritos, or as a topping to this fresh salad!


Try Oat Groats

Oatmeal is a low-GI alternative to sugary cereals. And to take it a step further, make it with the healthiest oats: oat groats. Find out how below!


Smart Combos

Carbs paired with proteins or fats take longer to digest and thus have a lower GI. This hummus olive pasta is the perfect example!


Dress it Up

Another way to lower your meal's GI score is to season it with an acidic dressing, like this tangy lime tahini sauce!


Cool Your Spuds

Sadly, potatoes are a high-GI food, but here's a trick: if you let them cool down, their GI drops! So, go ahead and enjoy this spiced potato salad!

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