1-Day Meal Plan to Balance Blood Sugars


Are Your Blood Sugars Off?

If you're feeling hungry and moody all the time, your blood sugar levels may be off balance. But, a few diet tweaks can get them back on track!

The Right Foods to Rebalance

Start by having more high-fibre, high-protein meals and reducing simple carbs. Here's a 1-day meal plan that will get you going!

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Kiwi Overnight Oats

This make-ahead breakfast has all you need to start the day right: low-sugar fruits, wholesome oats, and yoghurt.


Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Made with the healthiest ingredients, these oat balls will power you up without spiking blood sugars. Great as a mid-morning snack!


Edamame Power Bowl

For lunch, pack this satisfying grain salad made with edamame, barley, and avocado. Top it with our chilli oil dressing and enjoy!


Raspberry Chia Smoothie

If you head to the gym after work, refuel with this delicious smoothie, low in sugars and packed with proteins!

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Roasted Mushrooms Lentil Pasta

Dinnertime! You can rustle up this brilliant pasta in a flash using lentil-based pasta for a burst of proteins and fibres.

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