1-Day Meal Plan to Boost Gut Health

Happy Gut, Healthy You

Give your gut all it needs to be happy and you'll fight inflammation, weight gain, nasty cravings, and bad mood. How to do it?

Gut-Boosting Diet Plan

Start with this gut-loving meal plan: one full day of healthy recipes packed with prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants. Ready? Let's go!


Yogurt Plum Oatmeal

This healthful porridge has all you need to nourish and rebalance your gut flora. Have it for breakfast and start the day right!


Beet Super-Smoothie

Perfect as a mid-morning snack, this smoothie has a super combo of 4 gut-healing foods. And it tastes delicious!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


All-In-One Quinoa Bowl

Here's how you can pack lots of gut-loving foods in one handy lunch bowl. You've got beans, whole grains, and greens — all the good stuff!


Prebiotic Power Flapjacks

If you need an energy bar in the afternoon, have one of these. Prebiotic-rich oats and bananas will boost gut health and power you up!


Lentil & Onion Golden Soup

For dinner, sit down to this cosy soup. It's humble but mighty, made with some of the best foods for gut health!


Quick Berry Pudding

And if you have space for dessert, enjoy this brilliant chia yogurt pudding — sure to make you happy and your gut even happier!

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