8 Vegan Meal Prep Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Meal Prep To Lose Weight

Prepping ahead and boxing up your breakfasts will help you stick to your diet plan and start the day right. No more takeaway croissants on the way to work!

8 Brekkie Ideas To Try

Gather mason jars and containers, and let's fill them up with these 8 healthy breakfasts. They're nutritious, delicious, and will keep perfectly in the fridge!


Blueberry Yogurt Chia Pudding

You can put together this protein pudding in minutes and seal it in a jar, ready for your next breakfast. It's filling and satisfying, sure to fuel your day!


Raspberry Oat Smoothie

Meal prepping can be as quick as whizzing a smoothie. You can pack your entire breakfast into an easy-to-store format, ready for sipping. Start with this pink smoothie recipe!

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Papaya Smoothie Bowl

And when the jar is not enough, go with the bowl! This papaya smoothie bowl tastes like an exotic beach. Prep it up for a day full of sunshine!


Baked Banana Flapjacks

This lovely recipe packs oats, fruit, and nuts into a handy energy bar. Make a big batch for the week, and freeze whatever you can't finish. Brilliant!


Hazelnut Puffed Rice Bars

Love the efficiency of breakfast bars? Then, try these ones next! Made with puffed brown rice, raisins, and hazelnuts. Delicious and perfect for boxing up!


Overnight Mango Oats

Overnight oats: the heaven of meal prepping. And you can make them in a different flavour every time. Today, why not try oats with mango, turmeric, and cardamom? Yum!


Cinnamon & Goji Berry Oats

Or maybe with a mix of cinnamon, apples, and goji berries. Plus roasted pistachios for a satisfying crunch. Pack it all up in your trusty mason jar and let the flavours infuse!


No-Cook Buckwheat Porridge

It's not just oats, you can use high-protein buckwheat for overnight porridge too. Great with fresh fruit and nut butter. Swipe up and we'll show you how to make it!

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