10 Metabolism-Boosting Breakfasts

How To Boost Metabolism

Want to reach your weight loss goals faster? Exercise first thing in the morning to kick off fat-burning. And then, have a nourishing breakfast to fire up your metabolism!

Best Breakfast Foods

So, what should you eat for breakfast exactly? Lots of proteins and fibres, plus special weight-loss boosting foods like green tea, ginger, oats, and beans.

10 Breakfast Ideas

To help you get started, we put together 10 metabolism-boosting and weight-loss breakfast recipes. They are easy, healthy and ready in a flash. Let's go!


Blueberry Chia Pudding

First on our list is a high-protein brekkie idea. Proteins are great for weight loss as they can speed up metabolism by up to 30%. And this chia pudding comes with tons of them!

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Maple-Baked Beans Toast

Next, we have this savoury toast with saucy beans. Beans are super rich in proteins! And also have resistant starch — a type of fibre known to bump up fat metabolism. Wow!


Goji & Apple Bircher Muesli

And do you know which other food has got resistant starch? Raw oats. So, rustle up this creamy bircher muesli for your next breakfast and jumpstart your weight loss!


Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal

What about cooked oats? Still great! Their tons of fibres help convert stored fat into energy and keep blood sugars in check. So, go ahead and enjoy this wonderful banana oatmeal!


Mango Curry Oatmeal

And if you'd like to spice things up, try this curried oatmeal next! Made with yellow daal, sweet mango, and fresh tomatoes. Sweet and savoury, healthy and delicious!


Ginger Buckwheat Porridge

Now, time for our first special ingredient: ginger. Great to boost metabolism and curb hunger pangs! So tip ginger powder in this overnight porridge and profit!


Green Matcha Smoothie

Next is green tea. One of the best fat-burner you could add to your diet. Get the powdered whole green tea leaf (AKA matcha) and add it to this green smoothie!


Raspberry Chia Smoothie

If you like smoothies for breakfast, we've got another one for you. It's pretty. It's delicious. And it's a blast of fibres and proteins — the winning combo for weight loss!


Three-Seed Cookies

Want to pair a healthy nibble with your smoothie? Have a few of these crunchy cookies. Made with a combo of high-protein seeds, oats, and fruit. No nasties!


Low-Carb Egg Burrito

One last breakfast idea for you! It's a clever burrito made with cauliflower "rice" and mushrooms wrapped in an omelette. Out with the carbs, in with the proteins!

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