6 Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Metabolism Diet

Want to speed up your metabolism and burn extra fat? Try high-intensity workouts and add the following 6 metabolism-boosting foods to your daily diet.



The thyroid is your body's metabolism regulation centre, and it needs iodine to work well. So, eating more iodine-rich foods like seaweed will keep it running!

Recipe Idea #1

Wakame and nori are versatile seaweeds you can use in soups, salads, and Japanese maki. Not sure where to start? Swipe up and try this nutritious miso soup!


Brazil Nuts

Selenium is another precious mineral your thyroid needs to keep your metabolism going. And a single brazil nut covers your daily needs of this mineral — that's nuts!

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Recipe Idea #2

Love peanut butter? Then try this metabolism-boosting alternative: brazil nut butter. Make it from scratch with our easy recipe and enjoy it on your morning toast!


Green Tea

Green tea is an amazing fat burner you can add to your diet. And if you opt for matcha powder instead of tea bags, it's like eating whole green tea leaves — max benefits!

Recipe Idea #3

Rev up your metabolism with an energising matcha tea, a satisfying matcha latte, or a nutritious green tea smoothie like this one.



Not only a powerful anti-inflammatory, ginger root is also a great metabolism booster. And on top of that, it helps blunt hunger pangs making you eat less.

Recipe Idea #4

This ginger-infused water has a double metabolism-boosting effect: ginger curbs appetite and cold water makes your body burn more calories. Awesome!



Chillies temporarily speed up your metabolism and make you feel fuller. That's great news for anyone who wants to shed the extra fats — and likes spicy food!

Recipe Idea #5

Serve yourself a nice bowl of this this fiery green bean pilaf with spicy Thai chillies. It's a quick 30-minute recipe perfect for a midweek dinner!



When you want to lose weight, high-fibre foods like legumes are your best friend. They will fill you up for hours and boost fat metabolism in one go — super!

Recipe Idea #6

This stir-fried lentil rice is a hearty and high-fibre Lebanese dish that will keep yo full and satisfied for long. Top it with caramelised onions for a delicious finish!

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