Homemade Mochi Balls in 4 Surprising Flavours

Although mochi can be used to call various bakes made with glutinous rice flour, the proper Mochi are Japanese gooey rice cakes with a sweet filling.

Think about biting into something as soft as a cloud and have your tongue and palate overwhelmed by juicy goodness. That is the way of the mochi.

To make the shell of the mochi, you'll need glutinous rice flour. As for the filling, you can get creative! Here are 4 delicious options to get you started.

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Ube Mochi

A cross between Filipino and Japanese cuisine, our ube butter mochi are cute and delicious. We show you how to make the ube butter from scratch below.


Mango Mochi

This mango filing is perfect for those who love tropical flavours. Pro tip: freeze the mochi and turn them into ice cream bites!


Peanut Butter Mochi

How about some proteins in your mochi for extra energy? Then try filling it with peanut butter! Here's how you do it.


Chilli Chocolate Mochi

Let's finish with our signature mochi. We filled them with a decadent dark chocolate ganache infused with a pinch of chillies. It's something special!

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