Mochi Flour vs Rice Flour: What's the Difference?

Mochi flour is a new trendy ingredient among bakers, used in all sorts of sweet treats. What's so special about it? And how is it different from classic rice flour? Let's find out!

What's Mochi Flour?

Mochi flour is indeed rice flour. But it's milled from a special type of rice called glutinous rice. This short-grain rice is so high in starch that it turns incredibly sticky when cooked!

Japanese "Mochigomeko"

The Japanese call this type of rice flour mochigomeko. They use it to make mochi balls: a confection so famous that everyone now calls glutinous rice flour just mochi flour!

What's Great about Mochi Flour?

Just as glutinous rice turns so sticky when cooked, so does the flour. Cook it with water or milk, and you'll have the stickiest, stretchiest, and chewiest dough. So unique!

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What About Regular Rice Flour?

You don't get the same sticky result with classic rice flour as it's milled from regular long-grain rice. Rice flour is more like wheat flour, and it's a staple in gluten-free baking!

How Do You Use Mochi Flour?

With miraculous mochi flour, you can have fun turning your favourite treats into a sticky and gooey delight. Here are 4 recipe ideas you must try!


Mochi Coconut Cookies

Start with these amazing cookies. They're like nothing you've tried before: crispy and crumbly outside, stretchy and soft inside. And our recipe is fully vegan and gluten-free!


Choc Chip Mochi Muffins

Bake these beauties next! They've got a gooey heart that only mochi flour can give. Couple that with melted chocolate chips and you've got a heavenly treat!


Purple Ube "Moffles"

When mochi meets waffles, you get moffles. Pull them apart and see how much you can stretch them. So fun! And you can make them even more special with purple ube jam!


No-Butter Mochi Brownies

Take brownies to next-level gooeyness with just three ingredients: mochi flour, dark chocolate, and coconut milk. Swipe and let's make them together!

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