6 Mochiko Recipes Ideas For Ultra-Gooey Bakes

Made from Japanese sweet glutinous rice, mochiko is a miraculous flour that turns incredibly gooey when cooked. Try it in these 6 delicious mochi recipes — you'll love them!


Mochi-Filled Cookies

These irresistible cookies have an ultra-gooey heart that will melt in your mouth. Soft inside and crispy outside, they're our all-time favourite recipe with mochi. A must-try!


Ube Mochi Waffles

If you love waffles, wait till your try these "moffles", Japanese waffles with mochi flour. We added in some purple yam butter for a pop of colour and extra flavour — so pretty and utterly delicious!

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Peanut Butter Mochi Balls

Irresistibly soft and chewy, mochi balls are traditional Japanese sweet rice cakes made with just mochiko and water. They're so fun to prepare, and you can use different fillings every time!


Sesame Mochi Bread Rolls

Mochiko is so versatile you can also use it to make gluten-free bread. And because it expands when baking, you'll have puffy bread rolls without using any yeast. Find the recipe below!


Chocolate Chip Mochi Muffins

These wonderful mochi muffins might look like regular muffins but they're surprisingly soft, stretchy, and chewy inside. Plus, they're vegan and gluten-free!


Chocolate Mochi Truffles

Words will never do these chocolate truffles justice!! Once you try them, you'll never buy truffles again.

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