7 Mood-Boosting Breakfasts to Start the Day Happy

Happy mood

Wouldn't it be nice to start the day with a sense of peace, happiness, and satisfaction? Thanks to some very special foods, you can!

Happy foods

Ingredients like dark chocolate oats and nuts can induce deep happiness through the action of complex chemical processes.

Happy recipes!

We took these special ingredients and designed 7 mood-boosting breakfasts to help you start the day at your best. Get your apron on and let's make them!


Joyful brownies

Dark chocolate is the king of mood-boosters! Here, we paired it with hemp seeds and black beans to make high-protein brownies. Feel good and lose weight all at once!

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Flapjack and smile

Like proteins, high-fibre meals also promote weight-loss. Plus, they prevent mid-morning cravings. Can't be happy if you are cranky! Try these flapjacks.


Jolly smoothie

Are you more of a sipper than a nibbler? Then go for this smoothie! It's packed with ingredients rich in mood-boosting amino acids and healthy fats.


Happy cookies

Here's a fibre-rich breakfast for those on the move: peanut butter banana cookies. Tiny but mighty! Stash them in your bag for great good.


Blissful parfait

When you use healthy ingredients, you can turn a fancy dessert into a blissful breakfast. And this one is so easy to put together, it feels twice as good!


Relaxing smoothie

Waking up feeling anxious about the day is the arch enemy of happiness. Brush that feeling away with the help of this relaxing lavender smoothie.


Merry bircher

Let's finish up with this mood-boosting superstar: bircher muesli packed with nuts, fruit, and superfood goji berries. A jar a day, keeps the frown away!

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