9 Delicious Vegan Dishes with Mushrooms


Vegan Spanish "Ham" Croquetas

Try our vegan Croquetas de Jamón made with a creamy dairy-free filling and smoky mushroom bits. Crispy outside and silky smooth inside. Yum!


King Oyster Mushrooms "Meatballs"

You won't believe how meaty and flavourful these king oyster mushrooms balls taste until you try them. And they're so easy to make!


Vegan Mushroom Pierogi

Ever tried the Polish dumplings "pierogi"? They are amazing! Especially when made dairy-free and vegan, like these ones.


Vegan "Lamb" Shawarma

Oh boy, do we love this recipe... We made the most mouth-watering shawarma using crispy and smoky strips of king oyster mushrooms instead of lamb. Must-try!

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Mushroom velouté soup

Looking for the best heart-warming soup for autumn? Give this creamy mushroom soup a go!


Kerala-style Mushroom Curry

Fancy a curry? Try out our vegan take on the classic Kerala-style chicken curry. It's simply irresistible.


Vegan Goulash

Try out this mouth-watering spin of the classic Hungarian Goulash, with mushrooms instead of beef. So yummy!


Spinach Pesto and Mushroom Pasta

Simple, yet effective; this pasta won't disappoint! We made the pesto dairy-free, but it's just as creamy. Great for a lunch-box!


Vegan Daikon Mushroom Soup

Give your dinner a Japanese spin, with this soul-nourishing miso soup. Made with crunchy daikons and flavourful enoki mushrooms.

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