New Year's Eve Vegan Menu Ideas


Let's start with some crunchy nibbles and a wonderful creamy dip...

Vegan Crispy "Prawns"

Try this bubbly and crispy tempura made with our clever vegan prawn substitute. A real crowd-pleaser!

Pumpkin Croquettes

A tasty and healthier alternative to classic potato croquettes made with creamy pumpkin mash.

Colourful Vegan Mayo

Looking for something to dip these crispy starters in? Try this spicy vegan mayo!

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Main Course

Now that bellies are done rumbling, let's bring something fancy to the table!

Pink Barley Risotto

Wow your guests with this colourful and elegant risotto made with beetroot cashew cream and barley instead of rice.

Side Dishes

Next, let your guests unwind with this selection of fruity and refreshing salads.

Chicory Blueberry Salad

This salad is an explosion of flavours, contrasting textures, and colours. It combines crunchy chicory and creamy avocado with a mouthwatering blueberry dressing.

Fruit Salad with Glazed Cashews

A great way to make even a simple fruit salad stand out is to top it with a handful of maple-glazed nuts. Even kids will love it!


Time for the grand finale! Two moreish desserts that will please and surprise your loved ones.


Chilli Chocolate Mochi

If you never tried Japanese Mochi, you're in for a treat. Try them with our spicy chilli chocolate filling!


Rose Petals Pudding

Finish the night with a delicate rose-infused pudding and get ready for the fireworks!

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