No Sugar Challenge? Here Are 10 Healthy Foods You Can Have

"No Sugar Challenge" Diet

30-day no sugar challenges are so trendy right now. The task is simple: added sugars and sugary foods are off-limits for a month. What is there to gain?

Is It Good For You?

Cut sugar out and you'll get back control over your energy levels, mood, and hunger. You'll supercharge your diet with nutritious foods, and lose a few pounds too!

Healthy Recipes To Make

Ok, that's cool. But what can you eat instead of those sugary foods? Here are 10 clever swaps: healthy alternatives you won't believe taste so good!


Fruit Smoothies

Instead of sugar-loading on sodas, have a fruity smoothie. Like this one made with blueberries and pineapple. It's got lots of filling fibres that prevent sugar spikes!

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Homemade Breakfast Cereals

Even "healthy" breakfast cereals can be laden with sugar. So, make them yourself to have complete control. Like this no-sugar copycat of the famous cinnamon toast crunch!


No-Sugar Granola

Thought store-bought granola has no sugar? You'll be surprised to find hidden sugars in there too! Instead, this homemade banana granola has none. Yet crunchy and delicious!


Oat Bars

Candy bars are as unhealthy as addictive. Time to break free, and have these wholesome flapjacks instead. Just oats, bananas, and peanut butter. As healthy as it gets!


Bean Brownies

Bakery foods like brownies and muffins are off-limits, but not off the menu. Just use smart ingredients: like black beans, dates, and extra dark chocolate for these fudgy beauties!


Dried Fruit & Oat Balls

Just like candies, energy balls can come in many different flavours. But without all those nasty added sugars. So, how about carrot cake flavour for today? Swipe up and try it!


"Nice" Cream

Ice cream might be the hardest thing to give up for your no-sugar challenge. But you don't have to! You can make ice cream without using an ounce of sugar. Find out how below!


Simple Fruit Salad

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. If you crave something sweet, reach out for nature's sweet treats: fruits. Make a colourful fruit salad and enjoy it with crunchy nuts!


Chocolate Mousse

When you want a dessert to enjoy after dinner, this recipe is all you'll ever need. Just three insanely healthy ingredients: you know it's got cocoa, so discover the other two!


Fuit-Only Jam

No peanut butter toast is complete without a good spread of jelly. But few foods are as loaded with sugar as jams. The good news is you can make it without — find out how!

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