5 Reasons Raspberries Are Incredibly Good for You

Eating just a handful of raspberries a day can have a beneficial impact on your health. Discover why and how to add these berries to your diet in 5 healthy recipes!


Keep a Healthy Weight

Raspberries are nature's sweet treat, yet low in calories. So, when sugar cravings strike, reach out for a handful of berries and your waistline will thank you!

Recipe Idea #1

These healthy blondies prove you can enjoy a sweet treat without derailing your diet. Gather raspberries, dark chocolate, and chickpeas and let's make them together!


Control Blood Sugars

If you struggle with mood swings and energy crashes, your blood sugar levels are off. Raspberries give a huge help in regulating insulin and sugar release after a meal.

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Recipe Idea #2

This homemade, sugar-free raspberry jam helps you cut down on refined sugars. And at the same time, you'll swoop up all the sugar-regulating benefits of raspberries.


Load up on Fibres

Raspberries are surprisingly high in fibres, packing almost a fourth of your daily needs in a single cup! That's super good for your gut and digestion.

Recipe Idea #3

You won't believe this pink smoothie delivers half of your daily fibres. Only the ingredients with the highest fibre count made it into our recipe. Swipe up and find out more!


Vitamin C Boost

You can top up your daily vitamin C with just a cup of raspberries. Vitamin C is essential to absorb iron, support immunity, and keep a young-looking skin.

Recipe Idea #4

And do you know what else is high in vitamin C? Kiwi fruit! So pair the two together and add them to this breakfast porridge with superfood buckwheat.


Antioxidant Powerhouse

Besides vitamin C, raspberries contain a lot of antioxidants. They help the body clear toxic substances called free radicals, fight inflammation, and prevent diseases.

Recipe Idea #5

Final idea: double up on antioxidants by adding matcha powder into these wholesome raspberry muffins. Swipe up and see how we've done it!

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