4 Reasons You Should Eat Red Cabbage

Red cabbage has impressive health benefits worthy of a superfood. Discover 4 reasons you should eat more of it, plus 4 easy ways to add it to your diet!



Red cabbage is so nutrient-dense and yet incredibly low in calories. A cup of this mighty veggie helps cover your daily needs for vitamin C and K, plus precious minerals.

Recipe Idea #1

You can shred raw red cabbage and stuff it into your lunch sandwich for a nutrient boost. Try it in this satisfying wrap with creamy green hummus — easy and tasty!


Antioxidant Power

The same red-purple pigments that give cabbage its colour are also powerful antioxidants. They clear free radicals, protecting you from diseases and slowing ageing.

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Recipe Idea #2

In this colourful soup, we paired red cabbage with antioxidant-rich beets and oranges. Blend all together and enjoy with crunchy sourdough croutons. So good!



Did you know that when you shred red cabbage a compound called sulforaphane forms? It's a potent anti-cancer, whose benefits are backed by science. Awesome!

Recipe Idea #3

So, get shreddin' and make yourself some healthy purple cabbage fritters — baked not fried! Tap below and discover our easy recipe — it's vegan and gluten-free!


Healthy Gut

Red cabbage is nicely crunchy thanks to its high-fibre content. The friendly bacteria in your gut love these fibres, and in turn, they help keep your gut super healthy!

Recipe Idea #4

Time to load up on fibres with this uber-healthy burger! We made it with wholewheat bap, spicy bean patty, and crunchy red cabbage — swipe up and try it today!

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