5 Recipes To Make The Most of Plum Season

Got a bag of overripe plums? Or are you looking for a recipe to use up plums from the summer harvest? Look no further — you'll soon be sorted!

Grab those soft, sweet, and juicy plums, and let us show you how to make 5 wonderful recipes with them. Delicious and bursting with colour!


Homemade Plum Juice

Let's start with this refreshing plum juice, perfect on a hot summer day! You won't need a fancy juicer to make it, just a good ol' cheesecloth. Swipe up and give it a go!

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No-Sugar Plum Jam

When you need to use up a lot of fruit fast, jams are your go-to recipe. So, let's make this spiced plum jam together — no added sugar, no pectin. Pure fruit goodness!


Spicy Plum Chutney

Here's another fabulous recipe for batch cooking plums. It's a spiced fruity chutney perfect for your next Indian dinner. Get those poppadoms ready for dipping!


Stewed Plums Golden Oatmeal

Make a big batch of these cinnamon-poached plums and keep them in the fridge, ready for topping up this golden breakfast porridge. You'll love it!


Healthy Plum Crumble

Let's finish with this classic British dessert, revisited for a healthier spin. Our plum crumble has no butter, no flour, and no sugar. Yet it's as delicious as ever. Don't miss it!

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