3 Ways Resistant Starch Helps You Lose Weight

Weight Loss Superfood

The world of weight loss superfoods just got a new entry: resistant starch. What's that? A carb that "resists" digestion and brings about lots of health benefits.

Eager to learn more? Let's discover what makes resistant starch so awesome and which foods have the most of it. Plus, 3 easy recipe ideas to add to your diet!

How Does Resistant Starch Work?

Because resistant starches bypass digestion, they basically behave like soluble fibres. They fill you up and slow down the digestion of other foods.

It Fills You Up

This means resistant starches make you feel fuller, curb hunger, and help you eat less during the day. Simply put, they're a weight loss booster! But it doesn't end here.

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It Boosts Metabolism

After being processed, resistant starches turn into compounds that aid your metabolism. They help you burn more fat and keep your blood sugars balanced for hours. Wow!

It's Low-Calorie

But wait, there's more! Foods with lots of resistant starch are also lower in calories than foods with digestible starch. So, you'll automatically eat fewer calories. Amazing!

Foods High in Resistant Starch

Foods like cooked-and-cooled rice and potatoes have the most resistant starches. But oats, cashews, green bananas, and beans are also good sources.


Recipe Idea #1

Want to give resistant starch a go? Then, get started with this nice and easy potato salad with vegan beetroot mayo. Delicious, colourful, and so healthy!


Recipe Idea #2

Love Japanese rice balls? Perfect! They pack lots of resistant starch as they're made with cooked and cooled rice. Below is our easy onigiri recipe with spicy kombu filling!


Recipe Idea #3

And finally, here's a wonderful oatmeal pot with acai berry and yogurt! To get your fill of resistant starches, soak the oats in hot water first and then let them cool down.

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