8 Romantic Desserts for Valentine's Day


Rose Pudding

This rose-flavoured pudding is the perfect dessert for your date night — floral, delicate, and so romantic.


Mochi Chocolate Truffles

Pack these chocolaty truffles in the cutest box and gift them to your valentine. A handmade gift is always the most cherished!


Mango Creme Brulee

Show off your cooking skills and surprise your loved one with this tropical version of the classic French dessert — truly irresistible!


Cherry Chocolate Parfait

Want to impress without breaking a sweat? This pretty parfait comes to rescue! Just whizz, layer, and serve.

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Chocolate Mousse

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this irresistibly silky and indulgent chocolate mousse — only three ingredients needed!


Chocolate Soufflé

This our favourite romantic dessert ever: a fluffy soufflé with a heart of melted dark chocolate — what else is there to say?


Purple Flan

This colourful creme caramel will be the ace up your sleeve this Valentine's Day. Curious to know how it's made? Tap below and find out!


Chilli Chocolate Mochi

These little parcels of soft rice dough hold a soft heart of chilli chocolate. They're irresistibly gooey, spicy, and indulgent.

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