Sugar-Free Challenge: 5 Tips To Do it Right

No-Sugar Challenge

Want to quit sugar but need an extra push to get started? This no-sugar challenge can give you the right commitment to finally give up sugar for good. But what is it exactly?

How Does it Work?

Whether you do it for a couple of weeks, a month, or more, the task is simple: added sugars and sugary foods are off-limits. Easy! And what's in for you?

A Happier You

With sugar out of the equation, you'll finally get back control over your energy levels and mood. You'll replenish your diet with nutritious foods, and lose a few pounds too!

Foods To Avoid

Eager to start? Just get rid of store-bought foods with added sugars and follow a few tips for healthier homemade alternatives.

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Foods To Eat

This challenge isn't just about cutting out sugary foods. It's also about finding healthier alternatives that are still satisfying for you — and your sweet tooth! Want to know how?

Clever Sugar Swaps

Turn to wholesome foods, like fruit, nuts, and whole grains. And if you need some inspiration, here are 5 smart and healthy food swaps to get you started!


Dried Fruit & Cinnamon

Dried fruits like apricots, raisins, or figs are sweet and chewy, just like candy. But they're natural and rich in fibres. Snack on them or pair them with cinnamon in these oat balls!


Yogurt & Granola

Swap sugary cereals with homemade granola for a nutritious alternative. Try our crunchy clusters of oats, apricots, and hazelnuts. Divine with yogurt!


Dates & Cacao

These two wholesome ingredients can replace sugar and chocolate in desserts and sweet treats. See how we've used them in this wonderful mousse!


Fresh or Frozen Fruit

When you crave something sweet, reach out for a crisp apple or have a fruit salad. You can also blitz frozen berries, bananas, or mangos into a healthy sorbet!


Fresh Lemonade

And if sodas are your soft spot, go back to childhood with a healthy sugar-free lemonade. Like this one, with cucumber and ginger!

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