4 Superfoods to Boost Your Latte

Want to bring some colour and extra goodness into that cup of latte? Here are 4 amazing and healthy ingredients you should try. Give them a go with our easy recipe ideas!


Butterfly Pea Flowers

These exotic flowers from Southeast Asia have a vibrant blue hue that'll infuse your latte with so much colour. And they're rich in antioxidants!

Blue Pea Coconut Latte

The dried flowers are easy to find online or at an Asian food store. So, grab a packet and let's make this exotic blue latte together. Find the recipe below!



Ube is a purple yam from the Philippines. The pigments that make it so violet are also potent antioxidants. But also purple sweet potatoes have them!

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Oaty Purple Latte

So whether you go with ube or purple sweet potatoes, this colourful latte is a must-try. You can use the powder or extract, or the full root as we did!



Simply put, this blue-green alga is one of the most nutritious foods on Earth. Even in small quantities, it contains almost all the nutrients you need. How cool is that?!

Cinnamon Spirulina Latte

So, stir powdered spirulina into hot milk and make the best superfood latte ever. Try our delicious recipe with almond milk and cinnamon. You'll love it!



Even an everyday veggie like beet can turn your morning latte into a powerhouse of health. What's it good for? Weight loss, anti-ageing, and endurance booster. Wow!

Cardamom Beet Latte

And just like with ube, you can whizz the whole root with milk. No need for pricey powders. So, try it out in our delicious recipe below!

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