6 Superfoods To Fight Inflammation




Did you the blue pigments in blueberries are potent antioxidants? Oh, yes! Have a handful of berries a day for a nice anti-inflammatory boost.

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Blueberry Spinach Salad

Add blueberries to this lunch salad for a fruity twist with lots of health benefits. It's ready in a flash and great for meal prep!

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Dark Chocolate

Good news chocolate lovers! Dark chocolate is a great mood booster and also packs handy antioxidants to fight inflammation.

Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Prepare a healthy chocolaty dessert with our quick vegan mousse recipe — three wholesome ingredients and zero sugar!



Rich in fibres, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants, avocados are an all-around health booster you shouldn't miss. And they're so tasty!

Spicy Kale Avocado Bowl

This barley salad with sweet and spicy kale, edamame, and sliced avocado packs a real health punch. Find the recipe below!



This golden spice it's an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Have half a teaspoon a day to reap all its benefits!

Turmeric Hot Chocolate

Turmeric is so versatile you can even add it to lattes and hot chocolate for a golden finish and a spicy twist. Tap below and try it today!

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Matcha powder is a blast of pure health as it contains the whole green tea leaf ⁠⁠— this means loads of antioxidants!

Kiwi Matcha Smoothie

Tip matcha powder into this healthful green smoothie with kiwi and ginger — great to detox and energise!



Cruciferous veggies like broccoli contain sulforaphane, an antioxidant that lowers inflammatory molecules in your body.

Broccoli Buckwheat Salad

You can easily roast or sautee tenderstem broccoli and add them to this wholesome buckwheat salad for a healthy lunch!

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