3 Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate

When you nibble on a square of dark chocolate, you're not just having a satisfying treat. You're getting a mighty burst of health. Here are three reasons why!


It's a Brain-Booster

Chocolate makes you feel good and boosts your brainpower skills, like learning, memory and attention. That's some food for thought!

Chocolaty Idea #1

So, boot up with this mighty hot chocolate, made with golden turmeric for even more brain-boosting power. Find it below!

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It's Gut-Loving

Did you know chocolate is a prebiotic food? It helps the beneficial bacteria in your gut grow. And a happy gut makes a healthier you!

Chocolaty Idea #2

So, start the day at your best with this gut-loving granola. Use extra dark chocolate or try uber-healthy cacao nibs as we did!


It's Heart-Healthy

Chocolate bursts with antioxidants. And antioxidants protect cholesterol from oxidation, lowering the risk of heart disease. Cool!

Chocolaty Idea #3

And here's how you can make a heart-healthy dessert for dinner. It's a silky chocolaty mousse, big in flavour but low in fats!

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