9 Unique Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes

The nimble sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are super versatile. You can use them to make bakes, starters, and main dishes. Keep reading to see them in action!


Two-tone Soup

This soup isn't just the cutest. It's also incredibly healthy! It's made with red cabbage and sweet potatoes — you'll love it.


Vegan Boureki

We made this famous Greek pie vegan, by replacing meet and cheese with a tasty filling of tofu, courgettes, and sweet potatoes. Crispylicious!


Sweet Potato Mushroom Goulash

If you're game for some comfort stew, then give this vegan goulash a go! It's as easy to make as it is delicious.

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Sweet Potato Chocolate Pie

Do you see that gorgeous chocolate filling? It's made with sweet potatoes! Cool, right? Check out how to do it!


Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies

And yes, sweet potatoes for breakfast are definitely a thing. With our crispy cookies, that is! Nom nom nom.


Sweet Potato Bowl with Tahini Pesto

Prefer a traditional salad bowl? We've got you! Try this sweet potato bowl with tahini pesto, black beans, and tenderstem broccoli.


Sweet Potato Vindaloo

For the ultra-hot-fiery-food lovers, we made this vegan adaptation of the Indian vindaloo dish. You better have some water at hand!


Sweet Potato Thai Curry Puffs

Thanks to their creaminess, sweet potatoes make great fillings to pastries too. Here, we used them to make some tasty Thai puffs.


Crispy Kale and Sweet Potato Chips

Short on time? Toss sliced sweet potatoes with some kale, roast, and sprinkle with lemon. Et voila! Crunchy appetizer is served.

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