Tasty Asian Desserts Anyone Can Make

Feel like trying a fun new dessert today? Check out these 12 unique sweet treats from across Asia. They're cute, delicious, and also easy to make at home!


Japanese Mochi Balls

Let's start with these pillowy rice cakes from Japan made with sticky rice "mochi" flour. They're sweet, soft and chewy, really unique. Try them with this exotic mango filling!


Hong Kong Mango Pancakes

These stuffed pancakes are a favourite among Hong Kong cafes. The classic recipe uses egg crepes and whipped cream filling, but we've made ours fully vegan. Check it out!


Thai Blue Pea Flower Jelly

In Thailand, blue pea flowers are often used to make colourful desserts, like this pretty jelly. You can easily find the dried flowers online and try this quick recipe at home!

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Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Here's another famous Thai dessert: sweet sticky rice mixed with creamy coconut milk and served with sweet mango. And you can make the rice blue with blue pea flowers!


Filipino Ube Cake Roll

Spongy cake rolls are a beloved dessert across Asia. And in the Philippines, they come with a creamy purple yam filling called ube halaya. It's too good to miss!


Ube "Moffles"

Ok, this recipe is a bit of a fusion dessert between the East and the West! It's a sticky purple waffle made with Filipino ube halaya and Japanese mochi flour. Try it and you'll love it!


Blue Milk Bread

In Japan, milk bread is a big hit. Fluffy, airy, and a little sweet. And it's also so easy to make at home! In our recipe, we tipped in some blue pea flowers for a colourful spin!


Vietnamese Coffee Flan

In Vietnam, coffee is a big thing and not just for drinking! Here we'll use it to make the classic Vietnamese coffee flan, but turned vegan! Find the recipe below.


Thai Banana Rotee

In Thailand, you'll find this fried crepe-like dessert everywhere. The dough is a cross between a crepe and a flatbread and holds hot banana slices. It's divine!


Indonesian Kue Nastar

This soft cookie filled with pineapple jam is a dreamy treat from Indonesia. We took the original recipe and made it a little healthier. So, enjoy these sweet morsels without worries!


Indian Malai Kulfi

If homemade ice cream is your thing, this Indian popsicle should be next! Malai kulfi is like a denser, creamier version of classic gelato — simply irresistible. Give it a go!


Japanese Matcha Chiffon Cake

Let's finish where we started: with a delicious Japanese dessert. Chiffon cakes are big in Japan, and this one uses green tea matcha powder for colour and extra flavour. Try it!

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