10 Tasty Desserts with One Surprising Ingredient

What do these 10 delicious desserts have in common? They're made with one unexpected ingredient. Call it clever, unusual, or exotic, it's sure to surprise you!


Yellow Mung Bean Pastries

If using beans in a pastry sounds weird, you'll be surprised to know sweet bean fillings are a thing in Asian sweets. Like in these flaky Filipino cakes called hopias. Give them a shot!


Chilli Sauce Mango Sorbet

Ever thought of topping your sorbet with chilli sauce? Well, they have done it in Mexico, and they've called it chamoyada. This sweet, spicy drinkable sorbet will blow your mind!


Purple Ube Cake Roll

What's ube? It's a purple yam, a tuber with a vibrant violet flesh. And it's one of the most popular dessert ingredients in the Philippines. Divine as a filling for this spongy cake roll!

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Fudgy Cauliflower Brownies

Vegetables in brownies? Oh, yes! And you'll be shocked at how fudgy and delicious these beauties are. Discover the recipe below!


Turmeric Semolina Cake

If you thought semolina is just for pasta and bread, wait until you try it in this wonderful cake. It's a Lebanese recipe called sfouf, and it's dreamingly spongy!


Blue Pea Cheesecake

Blue pea is an exotic flower from Thailand, also called butterfly pea. And you can use it to make all sorts of colourful desserts, like this beautiful blue cheesecake!


Silken Tofu Flan

You won't believe this dreamy white flan has no milk and eggs. What's its secret ingredient? Silken tofu. Swipe up and we'll show you how to use it!


Chickpea Raspberry Blondies

Dieters and gym-goers will love this one. Mashed canned chickpeas are our clever ingredient for these high-protein blondies. Grab the recipe and give them a go!


Chickpea Brine Macarons

Got leftover chickpea canning water from those blondies? You can whip it just like egg whites and use it up in these egg-free macarons. Swipe up and see how!


Rosemary-Spiced Brownies

Rosemary's fragrant aroma goes wonderfully with chocolate. It's an unexpected combo, but surprisingly delicious. Try it out in these yummy brownies!

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