9 Tasty Indian Recipes Made Vegan


Sourdough Naan Bread

Use sourdough starter to add a zing of acidity to Indian naan bread with no need for yogurt, and serve it with curries and chutneys.


Jackfruit Tikka Masala

You'll love our plant-based version of chicken tikka masala, made with roasted chunks of jackfruit simmered in spicy tomato sauce. So good!


Oat Mango Lassi

This dairy-free makeover of the classic Indian yogurt beverage also includes oats for extra flavour and creaminess. Perfect for breakfast!


Jackfruit Biryani

Delicious layers of marinated jackfruit, seasoned rice, and dried fruit come together into a wonderful meal that's as tasty as comforting.

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Kerala-Style Mushroom Curry

Our plant-based recipe revisits the traditional Keralan curry and uses "meaty" king oyster mushroom instead of meat. You'll love it!


Mango Malai Kulfi

Mango kulfi is a deliciously dense and creamy Indian ice cream, now 100% vegan thanks to coconut milk and cashews!


Tandoori Cauliflower

The colourful, delicious tandoori marinade can add flavour to any food, not just chicken. Try it with these glorious cauliflower florets!


Pineapple Pachadi Curry

This vegan pineapple pachadi with green chillies and grated coconut is so good it's addictive. Have it hot as a curry, or cold as chutney.


Sweet Potato Vindaloo

Made with sweet potatoes and red lentils, this hearty and fiery curry is a fabulous alternative to the classic Indian dish. Don't miss it!

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