10 Tasty Tropical Recipes with Coconut Milk


Plantain Coconut Waffles

Use coconut milk and mashed plantains to make a delicious waffle batter that's also dairy-free and egg-free. And tip in dark choc chips for extra yum!


Guava Coconut Smoothie

Whizz silky coconut milk with sweet pineapple and juicy white guava for a refreshing and satisfying tropical smoothie!


Rum Coconut Cake

Made with limes, rum, and coconut milk, this glorious loaf cake comes right from Haiti. Drizzle it with our secret sugar-free icing!


Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

Have you ever tried making this famous Taiwanese drink with coconut milk and passion fruits? It's mind-blowing good. Swipe up and give it a go!

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Tropical Cornmeal Porridge

Discover an all-new way of preparing breakfast porridge, Jamaican-style. Gather cornmeal, coconut milk, tropical fruits, and follow along!


Coconut & Caramel Ice Cream

Rich coconut milk and creamy bananas are all you need for this homemade vegan ice cream. Option to drizzle in some salted caramel for extra flavour!


Passion Fruit Curd

We're sorry lemon curd, but you don't stand a chance against this passion fruit curd with coconut milk. Make it and you'll agree with us!


Mango Coconut Crème Brûlée

The classic French crème brûlée just got a fabulous tropical (and vegan) makeover. Try it out and you'll never go back!


Plantain Coconut Porridge

In this grain-free Haitian porridge, plantains are simmered in coconut milk and spiced with cinnamon. Super simple yet delicious!


Coconut Mango Popsicles

Here's another way of using coconut milk for ice-cream. This time, we paired it with sweet mango, so you won't even need to add any sugar — super!

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