Fight Inflammation Naturally: 5 Powerful Spices to Heal

Spice Up Your Health

When inflammation gets out of hand, fight it back with these 7 powerful spices. They’re a natural way to add healing power to your meals!


Turmeric (+ Pepper)

This golden spice is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, even more potent when paired with black pepper.

Turmeric Bliss Balls

When you need a quick anti-inflammatory boost, these turmeric oat balls are the go-to choice. Find the recipe below!



With its incredible healing properties, ginger is among the best inflammation-fighting spices. Fresh, frozen or ground, it's equally healthy!

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Garlic Powder

An all-around health booster, garlic is also good for reducing inflammation. Plus, the powder is so handy and lasts for ages in your cupboard!

Anti-Inflammatory Dressing

Drizzle this healthy vinaigrette onto your salad for an instant anti-inflammatory boost — and a burst of flavour!



Great to satisfy your sweet tooth, this aromatic spice is delicious and packed with lots of antioxidants that help fight inflammation.



This amazing healing spice is great on its own, but it is most often found in Indian spice blends, like masala chai or chai tea mix.

Chai Chia Pudding

A cup of chai tea (or latte) with cinnamon and cardamom is the perfect anti-inflammatory addition to your breakfast chia pudding!

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