Food Pairing: 4 Combos to Boost Nutrient Absorption

Nutrient Absorption Boost

Pairing certain foods together can unlock more nutrients for your body to absorb, boosting their health benefits.

Foods to Eat Together

So, eat your way to better health with these 4 food combinations and discover lots of tasty, healthy recipe ideas to supercharge your diet!


Iron + Vit C Foods

Have legumes with high-vitamin C foods like peppers and greens to get more iron. It’s as easy as adding a handful of kale to this chickpea stew!

For breakfast, eat an orange with iron-fortified cereal or top your oatmeal with a kiwi or fresh strawberries!

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Zinc + Sulfur Foods

Add sulfur-rich onions to beans or rice to get more zinc, a precious mineral for immunity. Try caramelised onions on this Lebanese rice dish!

Or top this Japanese-inspired edamame fried rice with crispy garlic. Healthy and tasty!


Antioxidants + Fats

Antioxidants like vitamins A and E need fats to be absorbed. So, eat pumpkin, carrots and sweet potatoes with nuts or olive oil.

And when you make a green smoothie, always add nut butter or avocado to maximise nutrient absorption. Recipe idea below!


Vit D + Calcium Foods

Vitamin D-fortified milk or yoghurt is a great complement to calcium-rich foods like chia seeds and almond butter, as in this chia pudding recipe!

And for something savoury, you can pair mushrooms with tofu, edamame and greens, as in this delicious Indonesian stir-fry!

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